January Detox

January is for many people the time to detox their bodies after the excesses of alcohol and rich food over the Christmas period. Almost everyone you speak to is attempting some kind of detox, most commonly for weight loss or health reasons This year the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign has made “dryathalon” a very popular term. When I saw this campaign I thought it was a great idea.

Personally, I find January is the worst month of the year to attempt a detox. For starters, I can’t bring myself to throw away the accumulated chocolates and biscuits left over from Christmas. I would consider that extremely wasteful. Therefore, if I was determined to begin a detox on January 1st, I would have to stuff myself with them over Christmas to ensure their was nothing left. Which defeats the purpose somewhat. Particularly as generally if I have them in the house I can manage to be moderate with them (or maybe I kid myself!). Also, for me the cold and dark of January is hard enough to get through without the added torture of forcing myself to eat cold salads when I want warming and comforting food and drink to sustain me.

Maybe, my idea of a detox is outdated and someone more organised than myself can easily whip up warming detox food but my guess is that even if I could it wouldn’t go down well with the rest of the family and I don’t want to be constantly cooking separate meals.

A mental detox is much more me. Reassessing my life and taking positive steps that will support my mind, body and soul. Making changes that are nourishing and supportive rather than restrictive or punishing. I want to nurture myself more not less and I want to make changes that I am not tempted to drop by February. If this sounds good to you, why not book with me for a Free Life assessment or ask about our bespoke Retreats designed to take into account your individual needs and life goals. Create your own perfect antidote to the post Christmas blues.