Creative Self-Awareness group

Creative Self-Awareness online taster workshop

Places available for a new online version of my Paths to Growth- Creative Self-Awareness workshop starting Saturday 24th April, 2021 (9.30 am – 12.30 pm) This is a free taster session with an opportunity to join a Bi-monthly ongoing group, cost – 40.00 per session.

Are you feeling stuck or dissatisfied with some areas of your life? Do you long to make a change or find a more meaningful purpose? Do you feel you aren’t fulfilling your true potential? Are you willing to commit to a small amount of time for your own personal growth? If so, this group is for you.

After 7 years of running regular Paths to growth/ creativity groups/retreats, I am now inviting a new cohort to come together over zoom with the hope of possibly gathering in person for some meetings.

What can I offer?

I invite you to commit a small amount of time to learning how to live more creatively and to be your own best friend. Our time together will be a journey of self-discovery through exploring different techniques of self – expression, experiential exercises, guided imagery, mindfulness and exploring nature. So, to clarify, this group will help you to:

  • Heighten your self- awareness
  • Find more joy in your life
  • Increase creativity in all areas of your life
  • Move towards your potential 
  • Connect deeply with like minded individuals and your authentic self
  • Learn active listening
  • Improve your relationships 
  • Follow your hearts desires
  • Strengthen your inner compassion
  • Develop your resilience when facing challenges or obstacles 
  • Raise your sense of gratitude, mindfulness and appreciation of the here and now.
  • Boost your well-being 
  • Increase your Nature connectedness
  • Learn to listen and connect closely with your body
  • Look inwards and self reflect
  • Give & receive validation and learn to self- validate  

This is an opportunity to step out of your daily life, to reflect and be inspired. Offered as a container of emergence, in other words, a safe space for your personal growth, with plenty of fun and laughter along the way.

For testimonials from group members click here.

Join me

In order to sign up for this free Creative Self-Awareness online taster workshop or for further information, please contact me.