Women’s Personal Development

Did you experience difficulty in childhood? Difficult family relationships? Do you suffer with depression, anxiety, a lack of confidence or low self esteem? Are these issues intruding into and affecting your life? If any of the above applies, my group could be for you. I would like to bring together women who have experienced similar issues, in a safe, confidential environment in order to explore the effects of such experiences and to discuss and learn about ways of understanding and coping better with life.

Join my Women’s Personal Development Group.

Jordans Quaker Centre, Welders Lane, Jordans, Nr Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, HP9 2SN

**Ticket cost @ £40.00 per session**

This group is for women of all ages who would like the opportunity to explore issues and concerns and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. The group aims to:

  • improve your self- awareness,
  • increase your self knowledge,
  • build your self-esteem,
  • develop your talents,
  • enhance your quality of life,
  • reduce your stress levels.
  • share difficult experiences
  • enhance your ways of relating to your self and others

Share and discuss your stories of past and present issues and learn new ways of understanding and coping better with life. Enabling you to move closer to your dreams or life goals.

I am an experienced U.K.C.P accredited Psychotherapist and work both individually, and with groups.If you have an interest in joining the group please contact us for further information and to book.