My supervision experience spans over 15 years of working with individuals, couples and groups in various settings including a private psychiatric hospital, GP practices in the NHS,  Employee Assistance Programmes and in Private Practice.

My style is embodied, relational and creative. My hope is that my presence, experience and integrity grounds our relationship, and as a result, you too feel more centred, supported and exhilarated in your practice. My intention is to nurture enough of a meaningful connection between us, for you to engage with me in the process, and feel completely comfortable to bring whatever you need to, in order to support your work. In this way I hope to encourage you to stay with difficult issues and feelings and offer you sufficient challenge to lead to reflection and personal and professional growth.

As a supervisor, I offer to support you through training, accreditation, setting up a private practice, working in the NHS, working with Employee Assistance Programmes and with your Continuing Professional Development and re-accreditation requirements.I will also be interested in stimulating your own self care and personal growth and in helping you to deepen your own creative style of ethical practice.  I am committed to building an open and honest mutual presence in which we can build a meaningful relational connection in order to both ground our relationship and allow you to bring whatever emerges, including times of difficulty with clients and times when you may need to make decisions about your practice in response to your personal life.

I aim to support you both in your learning and in becoming a more confident and competent practitioner. The work of supervision will be guided by whatever you bring, but we will also both gain deeper insight into the process by paying attention to what is emerging both in our bodies and between us in the here and now. Assuming our initial meetings suggest this potential we then both commit to co-creating a deeply reflective space for creative exploration in which we are both likely to be changed by the process.