The Authentic Living Project.

Welcome to my Authentic living project. I have been aiming to live more authentically since 1998 when I first discovered Gestalt Therapy. Since then I have been encouraging people to embrace their own authenticity by working individually and in groups. My own path to authenticity came through increased self awareness and personal development. Through working on this, my life improved so much that I long to share what I have learned to help others.

I aim to use my creativity and authenticity to support and inspire people to live the life they want and connect with others in a kind, loving and joyful way.

When we are being inauthentic we feel tense, fatigued and suffer ill health. Conversely, when we are being authentic we feel well and full of energy. We feel free and in touch with who we are and our life purpose.

My Authentic Living project aims to bring people together to reconnect with their true selves and learn more effective ways of relating to the world. It is much easier to make changes as part of  a supportive community. As we connect we laugh and have fun together and learn to be open to our creativity,  personal growth and inner wisdom.

I offer this through:

  • One to one Gestalt Psychotherapy,
  • Gestalt Therapy / Personal Development Groups,
  • Regular Workshops and Retreats
  • The Authentic Living Project Blog
  • Monthly Authentic Women circles.

I am passionate about inspiring you to reconnect with your authenticity and ultimately to find a more joyful purpose.

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