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Presence Group

Presence: an experiential, ongoing group 

Presence is a bi-monthly  co-created, experiential, ongoing group for counsellors, psychotherapists and coaches. A group space where we each give ourselves permission to explore being more authentic. Discover our own depths, and learn how we are experienced by others. It is based on a shared  commitment to meet together and participate in a lightly structured, spontaneous process. In which, whatever emerges, allows each of us to experiment and grow in awareness. 

What you can expect

The aim is to offer a ‘contained spaciousness’. Where everyone can say what they need to say and disagreements can be safely voiced. A space in which each person has a chance to be fully seen and heard. And in addition, learn about themselves through their engagement or withdrawal at any given moment. With each person ultimately responsible for their own boundaries and choices.

A typical day includes the following practices: (however, this is subject to the unpredictability of co-creation!):

  • Initial check-in (sharing our insights/ news since the last meeting/current feelings / health concerns)
  • Open group sharing and responses/circle work
  • Experiential exercises and focusing on a theme / topic designed to bring new awareness
  • Time alone, in pairs and small groups inside or outside in nature
  • Simple, self-created ‘ceremonies’/symbolic actions witnessed by the group
  • Mindfulness & guided imagery
  • Check out at the end of the day (How are we feeling? Where are we now? Is there anything unfinished for us?)


This experiential, ongoing group meets bimonthly on dates agreed together at the beginning of the year.

9.30 am -4.00pm (with shared lunch)

The cost is £75.00

Venue: Jordans Quaker Meeting House, Jordans, Beaconsfield, Bucks., HP9 2SN

The number of participants is limited to 16

Therefore, the basic commitment asked of everyone who joins the group is to attend on the agreed dates unless illness or genuine emergencies prevent us. To share honestly – their thoughts, feelings and sensations in the moment – even if this feels uncomfortable at times. Our experience over 8 years has been that this process takes courage. Moreover, it always leads to a deeper sense of belonging and to a more authentic experience of connection to others and ourselves. Insights, self-realisation, or awareness may come at the time or on our own after the group. It is our collective experience that staying with the process as it unfolds always leads to personal growth and greater integration.

Join us

Finally, if you wish to join us, we ask that you are willing to:

  • Be as present and authentic as you can be in each moment.
  • Practise being aware of your own process. Whilst still allowing yourself and others to learn by risking getting things ‘wrong’.
  • Explore conflict and the expression of anger. Without lashing out, blaming, or permanently leaving the group.
  • Own your projections.Either at the time or as soon as you become aware.
  • Engage with the emerging process and stay with that to the best of our ability.
  • Take ownership of everything we bring to the group, of what we say  and how we act.
  • Give and receive feedback in responsible ways, without being afraid to take risks and noticing when you may be avoiding challenges.
  • Accept, welcome, and learn through differences and disagreements.
  • Look at your own defences.

In conclusion,  making the time and space in our lives to come away to a beautiful venue, and sharing a meal as part of our day. These are also  important elements in the ‘magic’ of this experiential process. ‘Jordans’ has been a crucible for personal and collective transformation for over 300 years.


In conclusion, here are some of the things past and present participants say they have most valued:

“Presence has allowed me to continue deepening my understanding of myself and the impact other people have on me and I on them. I have learned so much about group dynamics that is invaluable in my counselling work and also how to stay true to myself. All this in a supportive, life affirming and emotionally literate group”


“Honesty, sharing of vulnerability, mutual support, feeling the caring

 Safety: receiving and being in a field of compassion and acceptance

 Continuity and deep connection I don’t have elsewhere

 Growing in awareness; being appreciated for who I am and experiencing others’ generosity of spirit

 A space to grow, develop; a chunk of time set aside for myself, a chance to listen and focus on what’s really going on in my life

 Whole-self development; growing in awareness and emotional/relational competence.”


“The only group I’m in where there’s no pressure to be okay or perform – even to pretend I’m fine by the end of the day”


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