Joining and contributing to a group can be an effective way of creating change.  It is an opportunity to share your issues and concerns with others in similar situations. You benefit from being heard and listening to others. People gain insight not only from interventions from the therapist but also in interacting with each other. Participants can learn coping strategies from others suffering similar conditions and receive feedback that can promote growth and change.

In a group, participants can discover the ways in which each other deal with their condition and can often quickly apply to this insight to their own lives with great benefits.

The idea of a group can seem daunting to some. The thought of sharing with strangers problems that may have been effecting them for years can put people off. However, it is my experience that people adapt quickly to group work and within a couple of weeks are participating fully. My groups are always small (4 – 12 people). It is important to remember that one of the main shared aims of the group is to support each other and treat each other respectfully. This makes the group a safe place that most people can comfortably find their own space. Because more people are involved, the cost of attending a group is very much less than individual therapy.

Groups are an important part of my work and my experience has shown me that this is a powerful approach and often brings amazing results. I currently run a number of regular groups that focus on specific issues.  If you are looking for a group that is not mentioned here please contact me and I will try to help.

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